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You can contact us on Instagram, WhatsApp or by email and send us all your ideas, wishes and sketches for your future rug.
Design creation
We will make a design and pattern from your photo or adapt the sketch. Then we will agree on the size of the rug, colors, production time and the final price.
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
We have worldwide delivery!


The cost of the commission for each individual rug varies depending on the size and complexity of the design.
Tufted carpet is made in 2-4 weeks, depending on the volume of work.
Once your order is accepted, you must pay 50% of the final cost before we begin tufting out your rug. Once completed, we will send you a photo and video of the rug, and the remaining 50% must be sent before shipping.


You can pay by PayPal, transfer to a bank card or by TWINT.
We provide worldwide shipping!
Delivery in Switzerland 2-4 days.

Materials that we use

100% Acrylics Yarn
We use the finest premium acrylic yarn for our handmade rugs! This extremely soft, yet durable yarn is perfect for making rugs.
In addition, acrylic yarn is completely hypoallergenic and has a very long lifespan.

Tufting cloth
A special type of tufting fabric is used for our work to create a rug of enduring beauty.
It is made of fine mesh to provide maximum grip and stretch without sacrificing comfort, accuracy or quality.

Backing cloth
In our work, we use different types of backing fabric to aesthetize the rugs on both sides.
We can also make a rug with a non-slip fabric on the back. It has a strong grip that will hold your tufted rugs securely in place.

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