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You can contact us on Instagram, WhatsApp or by email and send us all your ideas, wishes and sketches for your future rug.
Design creation
We will make a design and pattern from your photo or adapt the sketch. Then we will agree on the size of the rug, colors, production time and the final price.
The tufting process is the main stage in producing a tufted rug. It involves inserting yarn or thread into a backing material. Next comes the shearing and gluing.
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About us
Hi! We are Kolo Rugs team. We have been making tufted carpets with unique and personalized designs since 2022. We draw and design all sketches for our customers individually. Tufted rugs can be made in a variety of styles, sizes, patterns and textures to suit different tastes and preferences. We have a lot of experience in rug making, so we show a lot of attention to detail and precision so that the rugs have an aesthetic and professional finish.

Together with you we will make a unique carpet design that will perfectly complement your interior!
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Based in Switzerland

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